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Dec. 14th, 2009 | 09:27 am

It's gotten all cold up here and that's been an adjustment. Since I've lived in VA/DC, I've spent every winter in really warm places - except this winter. Well, that's not entirely true: the cottage is warm now, but figuring out how to get it warm and keep it warm has been way more of a task than I'd expected. I've had the floor insulated, covered windows, sprayed that expanding foam under the sink and fridge, and bought an extra space heater thats so powerful that I wake up at night sweating. Now the cottage is toasty and warm, I can handle temperatures as low as the 20's, though I'm interested to see how it'll be those one or two days this winter where its freezing and 10 degrees out. We'll see. This place isn't drafty anymore, but I have to remember that 80% of the walls have no insulation.

Its awesome living on a farm when you don't have farming to do. Most farmers spade up their fields and plant cover crop by November at the latest, but we leave our last bit of fall veggies in the fields so we can eat, eat, eat, until they are frozen in the ground. I just went out and cut a bunch of broccoli and pulled some fat ass turnips out of the ground. It froze last night so the broccoli is a little less than perfect at the tips, but the turnips are beautiful and bigger than a cue ball. There is still kale and cabage out, also celery, swiss chard, parsley, kohlrabi, sorrel, spring onions, and herbs like sage, thyme, and mint, still in the fields, going strong. I'm gonna get a bag of broccoli and turnips to bring to my mom, that'll be a fun cool thing.

Oh yeah - speaking of taking stuff to my mom - Rashaun and I will be down south for ten days, starting on Thursday. Well, actually Friday I guess since we're travelling on Thursday. We will be in Cleveland, Clarksdale, Memphis, and Oxford. HOLLA. Lambfish Christmas party on Saturday, holla at Joey Pluggs for specifics.

I'm also bringing my sweet, straight-laced boyfriend with me for a few days. He'll be in the Delta with us, it should be pretty interesting to see how well he mixes with my friends. I mean, everyone is a nice person, we all want to have fun, so what's the worst that could happen? Calm down, Rachelle. His name is Rick, he's 27, he works for Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General but he's not a square-ass snitch, he's working on his M.S. in Public Policy from American University, he graduates in May. He's a sensitive guy that listens to female singers and John Legend and Saul Williams, he loves Joss Whedon's work, and he loves food, beer, and wine. As a couple, we are at our best when we're eating yummy food or getting sauced at gorgeous vineyards in the mountains. We like to walk around new places and he's slowly becoming a good cook.

What else?

Oh yeah - I'm done with school! Yes! Good riddance! I'm a Master of Fine Arts now! Still haven't moved out of my studio space, but that's okay. It'll get taken care of.

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from: blackheartbit
date: Dec. 18th, 2009 02:25 am (UTC)

congrats on the finishing of school! holla at me during the week to come hang out!

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