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Jul. 8th, 2009 | 11:14 pm

I've had a really sore back since yesterday - its time to harvest garlic, which means pulling them right out of the ground, which means leaning over lots. I also planted about a billion fennel plants today (definitely around 250), and I've still got about 600 left to plant. Goodness.

I can't stop listening to Maxwell's new song, and that damn "ego" remix by Beyonce on is fuckin' repeat (the video is pretty sexy too). This is the time of year that I work from 7am until 7pm or later and listen to jams all fuckin' day.

Pretty Wings (uncut) - Maxwell

Also, I'm really tired of white people trivializing the career of Michael Jackson. Seriously? Shut the fuck up and don't come to me talkin' about them fuckin' kids. My friend Ashalyn said something pretty good:

The only reason so many people assume Michael Jackson is a child molester (besides the sleepovers he had with little boys) is because he doesn’t FIT. He doesn’t fit a gender, he doesn’t fit a sexuality, he doesn’t fit a racial category. Obviously he molested little kids, the reasoning goes, because he’s a freak. That’s just the type of thing someone like him WOULD do.

Whether he did it or not (I wouldn’t be terribly surprised either way), there’s some serious homophobia going on there.

Racism too, in my opinion.

I found out that the last child that accused MJ of molestation admitted to lying, to being pushed by his parental units for money. That kids' family got paid off, and think about it: if your child was molested, which would you want as a parent, a paycheck or jail time for the perp?

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that monster.

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from: mexicanreagan
date: Jul. 9th, 2009 05:12 am (UTC)

The molestation theory also ignores a few key things:
1) most child molesters are masters of deception. Being able to deceive people into thinking that they're not a threat is the only way that they can keep the molestation going. Jackson was about as blatant as he could be about his relationships with children, and someone looking to continue to molest kids isn't going to call the media to advertise that he lets kids come and have sleepovers with him, and
2) Joe Jackson, by all accounts (except his own), was a monstrous, violent, domineering stage mother of a father, who effectively denied his son any childhood. If a person's emotional maturity is stunted or shifted, they're naturally going to want to cling to those fit the mold to which they relate most easily, be they that age or not. Beyond the sleepovers, look at Michael Jackson's wardrobe: he routinely appeared either dressed to the nines, or appeared in pseudo-military garb. Children love to play dress up, and little boys like playing army man. Couple that with his business acumen, stunning talent and delivery, and persistent addiction, you've got the portrait of a man whose psyche is so damaged, and so uniquely so, that I would imagine that he might be prototypical in the discovery of a new sort of age-stasis pathology or condition.

Just a thought.

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Delicious James Flow

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from: starofpersia
date: Jul. 9th, 2009 04:08 pm (UTC)

The thing about 1. is it implies the molestor is a sociopath, and I think MJ was kind of a gentle soul, and not malicious but kind of delusional and not ready to face adulthood, for the reasons listed in 2. I don't feel qualified to judge whether or not he was a molestor. My 4th grade teacher went to jail on molestation charges, and I love him a lot- he was physically affectionate with kids (hugs, tickling, let us sit on his lap, etc.), but that was just kind of the way our school was (an Arts Magnet in Berkeley) and it never felt "molesty" to me although I could see how that would set off some people's red flags. I think MJ's case is way more complicated for various reasons than your average suspected sex criminal.

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Mine Alone

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from: porelsocialismo
date: Jul. 11th, 2009 09:21 pm (UTC)

I finally came out of the fields long enough to read this and damn Trent, you've made some pretty good observations. All I can do is nod my head and agree.

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